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H.Dorian Update 2

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Good evening Friends, I hope you have been able to enjoy the holiday. We remain on ALERT which means you are responsible to pray and consider how you might become as available as possible. Still, no further action is required. No other SBDR units anywhere in the country are being deployed yet, but all are ready. That is where we stand - ready. The Region 3 Directors have made the decision to hold our resources for the next few days to make sure they will not be needed in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Once we are confident our conventions are out of harm's way, we will become available for the Southeast response again. This is a "wait & see" game. The Florida DR Director described it as "being stalked by a giant turtle." Thank you for being diligent in preparation and prayer. Thank you for the many ways you check in.
All for Jesus!  -Kenton Hunt, Disaster Relief Director, BRN of PASJ