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Philly Training Postponed

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Related to Training Class: Advanced DR Training - Ezekiel Baptist Church

Email Subject: Postponement, not Cancellation
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Good evening friends, 

After such a great season of Basic Trainings, it pains me to announce the postponement of the Advanced Training at Ezekiel Baptist Church in Philly.  Let’s remember to keep everyone in Southeast PA and New Jersey in prayer since they are bearing the brunt of the viral infestation in our little universe.   But never forget that where there are trials, God has already prepared opportunities for his people to glorify him and advance his Kingdom. 

So, “postponement” is not the same thing as “cancelled.”  Pastor King has already said he is ready to reschedule when I am. It will happen.  In fact, the Chaplain training is still going to happen in a condensed form this coming Saturday in a Zoom format. Keep paying attention for the notification that will come out tomorrow.

Resist the devil’s appeal to fear. Pray, pray, pray, and keep putting your faith into action. What is happening now is not normal. It will pass. Jesus is still Lord.

Kenton Hunt

BRN Disaster Relief Director