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Glen Mills Feeding

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Email Subject: STAND-BY for Feeding at Glen Mills
Email Message (HTML):
Dear DR Volunteer, You are now on STAND-BY which means there is a probability of deployment and I need your commitment now. We need an 8-person team every week for the next six months to pull this off. That's 208 volunteers. And I need the first team in one week.  That's right, worship with your church family on Easter morning, then get in your car to get to Glen Mills, PA before 9:00pm. This is not crazy.  It's a God-thing.  The PA DHS asked US to do this. What are you going to do about it? It's a medical facility so it will be safe and sanitary. We are preparing meals for non-COVID19 patients at a temporary intermediate care hospital for patients who are rehabbing to go home.  I cannot overstate how big this is and how badly you are needed. You need to know that DR volunteers deploying to this response are exempt from the Stay-at-Home Order and I can get you a letter to prove it. Do the self-screening by logging in to your account at; click "Upcoming Deployments," then read the important info in "COVID19-2020" before proceeding to the sign-up where there is a lot more info. For those who have never deployed, now would be a great time to start. We must form the first team instantly. The first 8 get the first week. Then there are 25 more weeks after that. Please don't wait.  And if you can't go, please be faithful to pray, courageous in serving where you can, exercising wisdom in your steps. ~Kenton Hunt, Disaster Relief Director, Baptist Resource Network of PA/South Jersey