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COVID19 Response Update

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Dear DR Collaborers, I am so grateful to God for those of you who signed up to serve on the Glen Mills Feeding Teams. After seeing very stable hospital censuses across the state, Governor Wolf decided to stop going forward with almost all of the Alternate Care Facilities. So, after a lot of hard work on the part of many people, this part of the response is a No-Go.  However, our chaplains continue to  encourage and pray for our pastors. Also, we continue working hard to get supplies to churches who are serving on the front lines. If you signed up for a feeding team, what is keeping you from serving on the front line with your church where you are? COVID19 will not last forever. What will be different for you when this is over? How will you think differently? Is your faith going somewhere or is it sitting comfortably still? Fifty of you, so far, have put yourselves in the fight this time. Just imagine what could be accomplished if the other 850 joined you. I'm praying that all 900 of us, when COVID19 is over, will be on the front line where God has deployed us. It's not over yet. Be faithful. Be courageous. Be wise.  -Kenton Hunt, Disaster Relief Director, Baptist Resource Network